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Project Management Software Hangs Up On The Datepicker.

  • Post published:September 26, 2014

Sabeeh-Faseeh---PMS-DatepickerjQuery Datepicker fails because it doesn’t use Widget Factory

vteams was building a Project Management Software (PMS) application the client wanted to appeal to both technical and non-technical people alike, by providing interactive roadmap’s and timelines not available in other products. Wanting compatibility between Android and iOS devices, the client wanted a JavaScript solution, since Flex and Flash have compatibility issues with iPhone and iPod. Due to time constraints, our developer was allowed to use an open-source third party library, but nothing we found matched our needs.

Our developer decided to code a jQuery plugin. This allowed us to harness the power of jQuery for basic and common functions, so we could focus on writing the desired features. Writing a jQuery plugin also meant using the User Interface (UI) controls included in the library.

Having completed roughly 60% of the project, we encountered a bug in the jQuery UI Datepicker: the dialog failed to change the date, making scheduling anything impossible. Looking into the code, we found nothing, but research showed the Datepicker failure a known problem with no obvious solution:

Unlike other jQuery UI widgets, Datepicker didn’t fire the “create event” function because it didn’t come from their Widget Factory utility. Our developer wrote a middle layer between the two controls and resolved the issue.