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Port Blockage won’t permit to send Apple Push Notifications

  • Post published:November 2, 2015

A doctor/patient and practice application provides an effective solution to doctors for the reduction of administrative costs and clinical transactions. At the same time, it provides better services to their patients. This application results in operational cost reduction, process improvement and efficient management.

vteam #348 was working on this application. Client wanted this App to send Apple Push Notifications to doctors whenever a patient schedule an appointment or reschedule a missed appointment.


Developer created libraries required to send push notifications using Apple Gateway. During the implementation, an APNS solution was used for sending Apple Push Notifications. The application was registered with APNS by the developer and then code base set up was done to send push notifications. Required Packets were encoded too according to APNS rules while creating libraries. If one had no access to the server where client hosted his web application, then there would be a certain limitation.


The code written for this application was tested and everything was perfect in compliance with Apple standards. But push notifications were not delivered on Apple devices after this implementation.


The problem was figured out that there might be some issues with port 2195 used for APNS service. Developer then asked the hosting providers and they confirmed him that port 2195 was blocked for security reasons.

Just by unblocking 2195 port on the hosting server, developer was able to send push notifications to Apple devices using the APNS service.