Online Contract Signatures – EchoSign to HelloSign

  • Post published:June 18, 2015

vteam #472 worked for the development of a B2B Credit Repairing Product for Credit Repairing Organization. In this project, financial transactions were involved. This is why the Online Contract Signatures were needed.


To avail this functionality, we had an option to integrate EchoSIgn in the application. Basically, EchoSign is an old and a much stable Online Signature Solution from Adobe Systems. But the only drawback that is attached to it is its expensive cost. Main reason for not integrating this solution is its integration cost that is nearly 1500 USD. If users count would increase then it would need more payment per user to use this integration.

We designed this credit repairing product in such a way that its customers should be able to use their own EchoSign Accounts with its system. This meant that each customer needed to pay that $1500 API integration cost. It is understood that $1500 is a very high cost not only for this product, but also for its Customers who wanted to use their own Signature accounts with it.


vteam #472 searched for its alternatives and HelloSign was the cheapest and best matching available alternative. There was no API integration cost. HelloSign already have API Integration Plans with Per Document Billing. All the Online Signature functionality which we needed to fulfill the requirement was present in just $199. So we chose it to integrate it.

HelloSign is new in market. It has some technical support issues but overall it was a wonderful experience using it. HelloSign Integration was successfully completed. Now product customers could use their Free HelloSign Accounts in this credit repairing product and did not have to pay any additional cost for using it.