Migration From Conventional Hardware To Cloud Services

  • Post published:June 8, 2015

Nowadays, business applications are shifting towards cloud computing. vteam#60 has been under development and maintenance since last one decade. It is an international shopping portal for Client’s thousands of customers. Many issues occurred due to conventional hardware (dedicated servers) and the legacy architecture.


To resolve the issues, dedicated vteam #60 along with NOC services created a “Beta” server for our Client on Amazon AWS. Services used were as follows:

  • RDS
  • Route 53
  • Cassandra XtraDB Cluster
  • Automated Failovers
  • S3 backups

During this “Beta” server development, vteam #60 also identified and patched the software to be PCI compliant using tools like AlertLogic etc. Dedicated developers and Network Engineers successfully created “Beta” server which was widely accepted by Client and his US team as well.


It took us around 5 months to successfully convert everything over to Amazon AWS. Client’s business is now thriving because it was moved to an architecture far more fault tolerant with auto-heal (Due to Cassandra XtraDB cluster and automated failovers).