Lawsuit Management System Using MVC5 & Angular JS

  • Post published:August 25, 2015

vteam #454 got a project of Lawsuit Management System which was actually a web based application previously developed in ASP.NET web forms with JavaScript. We had to revamp it because this application have to manage files and case history of client matters by lawyers in Encrypted format and also to provide a high level of security.


Client wanted vteam #454 to improve code quality and efficiency of the project by using latest .NET and scripting technology. He wanted us to work more on client side development using jQuery rather than server side. This would result into a large amount of client side code for multiple Ajax calls which would make it difficult to manage for us and a time consuming process too.

Proposed Solution:

We suggested him to go with MVC5 for code structure and AngularJS for client side development instead of using massive code of jQuery because AngularJS can work for multiple Ajax calls and even much more than jQuery could do. It is easy to write and run unit tests and end-to-end tests for AngularJS applications. Dependency management is effortless and intuitive. Binding dynamic data to views is straightforward and powerful. Client agreed to our suggestion.

Single Page Application has been chosen for client side of this project. Instead of using jQuery Code, AngularJS was chosen because it gives more power, control and flexibility. For server side, MVC along with Entity Framework was chosen. The performance of MVC gives a real boost to the overall application speed. To enhance and cater futuristic needs, Web API is being suggested too.


The conversion of code was the biggest challenge as previous code lacks maintainability and code structure was not well defined. Back end functionality was implemented using parameterized SQL queries which was not up to the mark. All the client-side code (jQuery/JavaScript) was written with HTML due to which page was taking too much time to render output because of DOM manipulations.


vteam #454 used Bootstrap to give responsiveness to the website. HTML control classes were replaced with Bootstrap classes for better look and making the interface user friendly. Because of Single Page Application nature of the project, we used a 3rd party router which handles all the routes.

We used Data service feature of AngularJS for API calls from client end and used Web APIs in our new MVC structure which was basically implemented using Repository pattern and Entity Framework to connect with the Database.


The outcome is a more fast, robust and user friendly application. This application is a way more flexible and scalable as compared to the past. The client was very happy and we received tons of appreciation from his side for our team.