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Laravel Application: Purchase Order Arrival

  • Post published:January 21, 2020

In this particular application we connected our applications to Microsoft Dynamics AX for GET and POST data through API. We made a reporting module to send reports twice a day at email addresses provided by the admin. We used Laravel 6.4

PO Arrival: (

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In this project client was looking to keep track for the items deliveries at warehouses.

  • It is an interface that will allow the warehouse staff to scan pallets of incoming product and keep a tally of what is physically received versus what is expected on the shipment.
  • The integration points would be a joint effort between Microsoft Dynamics AX and PHP, Setup PHP queries to pull data from AX and populate into MySQL.
  • Shipment information is queried from Dynamics AX so the application would be responsible for keeping track (counting down) as items are received, and upon completion, sending back the information to AX where the batch and PO status will be updated as well as a few additional items.
  • Running Cron Job to send End Of the Day Report (EOD) for the information for the items which have been posted.

Client wanted us to create a mechanism which could retrieve data from Dynamics AX and save it in MySQL and validate the correct number of pallets/items received at warehouse and posting the data to the AX. Laravel APP was configured for GET & POST requests and sending EOD.


We achieved requested functionality using following steps:

  1. Active Directory Authentication  
  2. Entry Form / Landing Page
  3. GET request if container / batch doesn’t exist in MySQL.
  4. UPC Scan to validate all the pallets received at warehouse.
  5. POST data to AX after validation completes.
  6. Delete Container page for deleting not used data.
  7. Reports page for setting preferences (Emails / SMTP Host)
  8. CRONJOB for sending End of the Day Report.


To accommodate application requirements, we performed following actions in our APP.

  • Created an admin panel to provide nice interface.
  • Created form for getting data from AX and display necessary fields.  
  • Created Action in home controller to query data from AX in GET request.
  • Created Action in home controller to post data to AX in POST request.
  • Based on successful posting of a data update container / batch and send the record details in EOD

Keywords: Laravel 6, MySQL, Active Directory Authentication, SOAP API’s (Microsoft Dynamics AX)