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People who work with COBOL in 2022

  • Post published:August 16, 2022

Are you aware of Common Business Oriented Language (Cobol Programming Language)? Or have you ever experienced it in the present times? We believe you must have!

Cobol is an abbreviation of Common Business Oriented Language that is extensively used in companies, restaurants, hotels and Airline companies to maintain the client record for the past 20 years. It was designed in the 1950s for mainframe computers of the era to build early computer software for businesses.

Cobol Programming Language

Let’s discuss the advantage of Cobol Programming Language in the 21st century to ensure why and how it is helpful to use by multiple businesses today.

Industries that are relying on COBOL

Cobol Programming Language is one of the most interactive platforms to rely upon; it is a part of the following types of companies.

  • Insurance companies
  • Government agencies
  • Banks and other financial institutions
  • Transportation systems

Here are the few departments that are relying on Cobol Programming Language.

  • Department of Justice
  • Social security administration
  • The Department of Veterans Affairs
  • Department of homeland security
  • Social security administration

The code is functional in mainframe operations to process multiple things like inventory, payroll and accounts.

2022 Cobol Programming Language trends

COBOL is still integrated into the established systems; many businesses have replaced old code with newer, easier-to-navigate languages. Apart from that, certain government authorities are struggling due to limitations against COBOL technology.

Modernising COBOL code

Modern companies are working with the system to modernise the COBOL programming instead of eliminating the used COBOL code. Experienced programmers prefer modernization because they analyse COBOL as a flexible computer language to fulfil every need.

This language remains relevant due to a particular system’s inherent portability, adaptability and readability.

Cobol Programmer

Why is COBOL still dominant?

COBOL is different from other programming languages in multiple ways, like you are not allowed to do dynamic memory allocation. You are not allowed to access low-level features of the operating system or any computer architecture.

COBOL is a domain-specific language that leads to a particular domain of business programming. People who normally desire to utilize the Cobol programming language tend to hire a JavaScript developer.

COBOL is not dead or outdated

Many people around the world consider COBOL as dead or outdated. It is not extinct nor outdated because the amount of energy invested into the toolchains and the amount of code still written is surely active.

Cobol Programming Language statistics

How COBOL is effective in the 21st century

For the past many years, reputable companies, government organisations and other institutes have been operating, maintaining and updating their COBOL applications. The reason behind, COBOL is still effective in running or competing with other modern languages as well, with no economic sense to replace it.

The presence of COBOL applications

COBOL applications live into multiple mainframes. Its presence is in the following

  • Predominant mainframes from IBM
  • Number of airline reservations
  • Shops and other retail companies
  • Insurances and banks
  • The functionality of COBOL applications and developers

COBOL applications are simple and work in a loop. It takes data input from CSV, XML or JSON, computes it and stores it in a database like IBM DB2. It computes reporting purposes through data usage from a DB2 database and outputs the report as a document file.

COBOL developers are usually similar to C# or JavaScript Developers to sit in front of the Eclipse or Visual Studio to code and deploy into mainframes and desktops. Hire a JavaScript Developer to lead your business through Cobol programming language as well.

Below is an attachment of a COBOL as integration into Microsoft Visual Studio

Microsoft Visual Studio

Rewriting of COBOL code to other languages

In this era, COBOL developers are now a rare breed and rely on the verge of extinction. Those who are available are expensive compared to Java or C# developers. Companies operating COBOL applications have prioritised hiring COBOL developers to modernise their applications.

In case of the absence of a COBOL developer, Java developers have to read the complete code and spend a lot of effort or time rewriting the algorithms in Java and writing replacements for COBOL applications.

Java developers usually compare the new application with the old COBOL application to run things smoothly and test them side-by-side. Java developers find themselves compiling and running COBOL applications to compare the output for a given Input.

Is the COBOL application recommended?


Cobol Programming Language doesn’t allow you to write an entirely new application and the cost involved in licensing COBOL tools and runtime environments compared to other languages. The class libraries and frameworks of modern languages are superior to the COBOL environments.

Building new and extensive codebases of Cobol Programming Language are expensive and make no sense to utilise. Developers don’t prefer to write mobile apps in COBOL because it doesn’t access NoSQL databases. You are not allowed to build web apps in COBOL as well because COBOL is not there if compared to other options.

Final Words

Knowing Cobol Programming Language is productive, but building some applications might cause a problem. We here at vteams hire a variety of professional JS Developers who can develop your mobile apps with modern trends.