Invoicing & Billing Solution For A Credit Repairing Organization

  • Post published:August 27, 2015

vteam #472 developed an Invoicing and Billing Solution for a Credit Repairing Organization in US by using Microsoft.Net MVC, SQL Server, Quartz. Client requested us that this feature addition must be able to handle complex requirements of Invoicing/Billing, e.g. Invoices from multiple tenants to multiple recipients, Invoices from Administrator to Credit Repair Organizations, Invoices from Credit Repair Organization to end user (which files the disputes).


To add this feature in B2B Credit Repairing Product, vteam #472 decided to provide a customized solution that fits to the need and requirement of this invoice/billing feature. For developing a customized solution, vteams developers put extra efforts in R&D of already existed Invoicing and Billing solutions.

vteams customized solution covers not only the generic/basic need of Invoicing and Billing system, but it also handles the following types of functionality:

  • Invoicing & Billing from multiple tenants to multiple recipients.
  • Invoicing & Billing for Upgraded/Downgraded packages.
  • Invoicing & Billing on the usage of different packages.
  • Invoicing & Billing for Recurring bills like on monthly and yearly basis.
  • Invoicing & Billing based on customized payment plans of Credit Repairing Organization to their consumers.
  • Invoicing & Billing based on items which customer decides or choose for resolution.

Not limited to the above mentioned Invoicing and Billing feature, it has the ability to generate invoices for manually paid transactions. It can also generate invoices for the failed transactions. More over administrator user can also create invoice for their clients if they work on the behalf of Credit Repairing Organization. Quartz has been used for scheduling the invoices for recurring payments.