Integrated Billing & Support Services Into Ubersmith With RESTful API

  • Post published:July 27, 2015

A project was assigned to vteam #483 in which there was a need to integrate different services in the billing, monitoring and support software Ubersmith. Ubersmith is one of the most well known web hosting billing solution in the world. Ubersmith code is encrypted with ioncube and developer can integrate other tools with the help of Ubersmith SDK. vteam #483 integrated the following services in Ubersmith:

1- EdgeCast:

EdgeCast is world’s leading Content Delivery Network services provider. Our client needed EdgeCast’s co-branded services integrated into Ubersmith. Actually Edgecast’s account level integration was required with Ubersmith, but this proved difficult. Reason being, EdgeCast only provides public API for file level operations. With EdgeCast’s help, our engineer was able to integrate EdgeCast’s (private) customer level REST API with Ubersmith. Also engineer was able to create and maintain EdgeCast customer accounts using Ubersmith as well as manipulating different EdgeCast’s services using customer panel of Ubersmith. Three different types of billing were integrated including a static monthly fee for services, usage based monthly fee and tiered pricing for customer.

2- OnApp:

OnApp was also integrated into Ubersmith as a whitelabel service. OnApp is a complete Infrastructure-as-a-Service cloud platform for hosts, telcos and other service providers. All the operations from server deployment to server manipulation are managed through Ubersmith customer panel. There wasn’t left any need for the end user to open OnApp panel. Multiple types of billing was handled while integrating this:

  • usage based (bandwidth)
  • static fees
  • resources based

3- NodePing:

NodePing provides Server Monitoring and Website Monitoring services. Our engineer integrated NodePing with Ubersmith with the help of RESTful API as a whitelabel service. With the help of this:

  • Customers can create checks/monitors from within the Ubersmith panel
  • Customers can create custom emails addresses and can choose Ubersmith panel email ids
  • Customers can view multiple types of reports
  • Billing was modified per check/monitor

4- Nessus:

Nessus is a vulnerability scanner for auditors and security analysts. It was also integrated as a whitelabel service. RESTful API was used to integrate Nessus with Ubersmith. With the help of this:

  • End users can create checks/scans for webserver/application
  • Reports were generated in HTML/PDF/CSV formats
  • Billing was managed per check/scan


Our engineer also integrated Ubersmith with fraud detection service ( Whenever a new customer places an order with our client’s web hosting service, the system itself was able to query with different parameters and check if the new customer has unpleasant billing or support history with any other hosting service.