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Inside Baseball: Team Building as Quality Assurance.

  • Post published:October 10, 2014

Stronger teams are good business!

Expertise is the stock and trade of anyone in the IT industry. Building strong virtual teams means having strong junior resources as well as more senior developers to mentor them. For us, it makes us stronger internally and ensures the kinds of results that bring in return business. For our clients, it ensures quality work, strong communications and met deadlines.

We recently needed a Yii-Framework developer for vteam #335. This new resource was coming on board to help the team:

  • Switch over to the Yii framework
  • Iron out initial issues in the switchover
  • Train existing team members in the Yii framework

In this case, we didn’t have the normally required senior resource, so we went with a particularly talented junior developer and added on a more senior developer to mentor him through this team project all at no additional cost to the client. The result of the mentoring was a more effective vteam that not only delivered the project in impressive fashion, it also strengthened our resources’ abilities towards future work. In this way we invest in our clients as well as our own organization.