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Implementing Unique URL and White Labeling Feature for a Credit Repairing Organization

  • Post published:September 2, 2016

vteam #472 has been using Microsoft MVC, Entity Framework and SQL Server for the product development of a Credit Repairing Organization in USA. The Client required vteams engineers to develop and implement the following features as part of Labeling and Portal Customization:

  • Each Portal should have their own Custom URL
  • Login and Other Pages should be customizable for each Portal
  • All the notifications/emails should redirect to a Unique URL of the Portal
  • Duplicate emails should be allowed at Portal Level (Previously, it was not possible to use the same email in the system. Therefore, the client required us to enable duplication at Portal Level)

vteam #472 had a limited time span to complete the required features as the scope of modifications was large. Almost all sections/pages of the application needed an upgrade to accommodate these customizations.

  1. vteams engineers used built-in MVC Routing to implement Tenant based Portal URL so that the client would be able to identify Portal with URL now
  2. All the Links and Ajax URL were updated so that these Links would point to a correct Dynamic URL
  3. Emails/Campaigns were updated so that a User would then login to the correct Portal while following email Links
  4. Necessary Database modifications were implemented to allow Duplicate emails in different Portals
  5. The Logo and Credit Repairing Organization Name was dynamically added at the Login page as well as on other Customized Pages

The Credit Repairing Organization was given the permission to change its URL any time. Whenever a URL is changed, a notification would be sent to that particular Portal Users with an updated URL.