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Zend Multi Language Editor; Sometimes You Just Gotta Roll Your Own

  • Post published:March 27, 2015

Often, clients come to us not knowing what exactly it is that they want.

Such was the case with a recent project that might have had a much different conclusion, if it weren’t for our developers’ insight.

When one client approached us with a need for a multi-language function in order to fulfill the needs of a project built with Zend Framework 2, he hadn’t realized that this Framework utilized a third-party translation editor called Poedit. For many reasons, he was opposed to implementing third-party applications; his end users would have been forced to deal with this editor separately from his own site, which he knew would be of detriment.

Thinking outside of the box

But there was one major problem: the application’s launch deadline was fast approaching.

Our solution was to suggest the development of our own language translation editor, ensuring customization options, scalability and ease of use for the customers he wanted to stay loyal to.

We knew it would be tough, but began the R&D necessary in order to create our client his very own language translation editor, completing eradicating the need for the configuration of any third-party application.