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Learn how to develop a cost-effective parenting app for better care

  • Post published:September 23, 2022

Are you concerned about better care for your kids? Learn how to develop a cost-effective parenting app. 

Newborn infants & babies are a blessing in your life; holding them in your hand or playing with them is the world’s most wonderful feeling. Caring for new infants is a challenging task for new parents.

Raising kids demands a great experience and an in-depth process to comfort or respond to baby calls. COVID-19 and other drastic situations have made things more challenging due to these parents witnessing the problems in remote working. 

If you are witnessing a similar situation, don’t panic. Professional developers at vteams are experienced enough to develop a well-programmed cost-effective parenting app that juggles their family’s responsibilities and a job.

Every child demands personalized attention and care but parents research on Google to inquire about parenting tips and pro advice to raise kids. The advice mentioned on Google is countless but is not reliable.

So, now inquire about the right choice to assist the way of parenthood.

An on-demand parenting app presents a drastic change for new parents. A well-developed cost-effective parenting app comprises practical parenting tips, functionalities, and different features.

This cost-effective solution has stuck every new mom to raising her child in a proper way.

Let’s discuss a few things.

What is the reason to invest in cost-effective parenting app development?

Creating a mobile app is a great idea, but before investing in app development, make sure it is worth it. 

Inquire a few questions.

Does the market need your solution? Will people need an explanation? 

To answer the questions mentioned above, let’s explore some facts.

  • Insights on parenting app development
  • In the Google play market, 4300 mobile parenting apps are available
  • According to the survey by Sensor Tower, there is a greater number of free parenting apps than the paid ones
  • 39% of Americans spend $34000 to $76000 yearly on aunts, babysitters, and nannies.

All of the states mentioned above show the importance of the parenting app. You can hire a mobile app developer from a reputable company for a parenting app. 

Types of parenting apps to develop in 2022

While developing a parenting app, multiple parameters exist to evaluate and offer other functionalities. It is suggested to divide the sections into different categories that rely on the primary purpose to serve. 

Following are the major parenting apps to develop in 2022.

  • Parenting apps for child monitoring and parenting babies 
  • Fun learning apps with different tips for parents
  • Parenting tips app to raise kids
  • Parents and health experts connecting apps
  • Location monitoring apps for children 
  • Art and gaming apps for children
  • Co-parenting apps

The above-mentioned mobile apps help build a competitive solution that fits your basic needs.

Best parenting apps to make things easier to grow your children

Managing children is always a struggle for the parents, but it is not challenging if it does not take any challenges. 

For example, a mother of three children can manage the nutrition of three babies according to their needs, manage screen time and maintain a record to make them healthy.

What is the best parenting app?

Here are a few popular parenting apps that help grow babies.

  • Cloud Baby Monitor
  • Cozy Family Organiser
  • Kindly

Cloud Baby Monitor

Many parents use this app worldwide; it is available on both iOS and Android devices and has become highly convenient for parents to rely on. To create a similar app, you can hire a mobile app developer and customize different features to use on every screen.

This app comprises many features like a night clock, noise and motion alert, monitoring options, collection of while noises, lullabies, live video, baby audio, and more.

Cozy Family Organiser

Through this app, parents can enlist their tasks and can handle their children at the same time. Sometimes, it is hard to sync and make it under control, and it works conveniently and represents a visually pleasing scheduler.


Kindly show results for nearby babysitters and nannies to schedule an appointment to meet and take care of babies. It also ensures another option to share nannies’ contact details and parenting tips in the app.

Parental care application and its top medical features

  • Health update
  • Expert health tips
  • Upload prescription
  • Connect health experts
  • Profile creation
  • Apps sign up

Essential features to developing a cost-effective parenting app

  • Parenting tips
  • Meal plans
  • Photos and videos observations
  • Monitoring
  • Check Kids activities
  • Generating daily reports
  • Push notification
  • Get reports
  • Block dangerous apps

Necessary features to consider in a toddler app development

  • Prevent calling feature
  • Location tracking
  • Control screen time
  • Block text messages

Ideas to earn profit through parenting apps

In-app advertisement

It allows third-party vendors to market their products through advertisements and generate revenue. It is a way more engaging and profitable way to generate profit from your app.

Subscription plans

This plan provides parents with monthly or weekly services according to the requirements and offers a program subscription. Relying on the subscription plan, helps you to provide a wide range of features to assist parents additionally.

How much does it cost to create a parenting app?

A simple mantra to evaluate the cost of parenting apps involves the following aspects.

  • App complexity
  • App development team
  • Feature and functionalities
  • UI/UX design

We conclude that parenting apps cost an average of $20,000 to $25,000. The mobile app development team demands exact time and cost according to the business requirements and their complexity. 

Consult a free consultation with vteams before the development process of the cost-effective parenting application. These parenting apps are efficient enough to manage all baby-related data in one place. For your application startup, you need to hire a mobile app developer from a reputable mobile app development company like vteams. 

We will help you implement a rich set of features and functionalities to prove that the parenting app is a great asset for parents.