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Learning Management System

2. How The Best Learning Management Systems Work

  • Post published:April 6, 2020

What Is a Learning Management System?

LMS stands for Learning Management System and it is a term for software applications to interact with tutors and other learners asynchronously. Learning Management System is specifically developed for managing online courses, training programs, assignment grading, reporting and allowing effective collaboration between all types of roles like teachers, students, faculty and staff in an educational institute. An online learning management system makes learning flexible, and you can get classes online via computer, tablet, and smartphone.

The main function of the learning management system is to provide online learning to students. It also provides means to course instructors and admins for recording activity of online courses and students. LMS can be used in corporate sector organizations as well for providing training to their employees.

Based on these roles we have different role-specific login for LMS which means that each login user would have access to a different section of the application as per the permission criteria set by an admin. 

The entire working of LMS is based on the following main roles. 

  • Teacher
  • Student 
  • Admin

So let us have an overview of these roles and the functionality associated with them.

  1. Instructor/Teacher Login Used in The Learning Management System

    The teacher login will allow the teachers to manage course contents, lesson contents, drop-box, SCORM, assessments, certificates, forums, discussion and grade book for students. This login will enable teachers to communicate with students, create assignments for them and then grade their submitted assignments. Teachers can create TA for any specific course, add or drop any student, extend any assignment deadline and give manual credits to students for any assignment.

  2. Student Login Used in the Learning Management System

    The student login in the Learning Management System will allow the students to submit assignments, communicate with the teacher or teaching assistant about any issues related to the course, mark attendance, link to their resource, make test attempts, earn certificates and gain access to learning materials. As a student submits their assignment, the teacher will grade the assignments and keep them recorded in its specific location, which can be traced with ease anytime.

  3. Admin Login Used in the Learning Management System

    The admin login is responsible for managing teachers, students and any other role available in the Learning Management System collectively. Admin will make sure that all roles have correct permission so that they cannot have access to any restricted section. This login will also allow Admin to add users, contents, courses, view reports related to course, track user activity and change settings related to the entire application.

  4. Benefits of A Learning Management System

    Several benefits can conveniently be associated with the online learning management system in comparison to other remote learning methods. To mention a few: