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How Capitalizing On Trends Can Help You Succeed

  • Post published:March 5, 2015

Search engine optimization is running the world.

Two years ago, most of the world’s small businesses opted to stick to social media presences as opposed to developing their own unique web presences. Now, though, a lack of established website is not only considered unprofessional but may lead to such a loss in business (and to competitors who do indeed have these sites) that it’s almost unheard of.

But when you do finally set up that beautiful website, get your products and stock in line and go live, how do you get those organic hits, the kind that are free of cost and ultimately draw in your target audience better than any paid advertising ever will?

You capitalize on trends, of course.

There are many invaluable tools at the disposal of anyone with an internet connection when it comes to hunting down not only key phrases but real-time updates on what people are searching most. Here are some of our secrets.

1. Google Trends

Not only will the site show you the most searched terms of the day but which YouTube videos are most watched, what areas of your country are searching what most and what celebrity news is of most interest in that hour.

2. Twitter Trends

Twitter is the social media platform best optimized for information aggregation; that being said, it’s a great source of what’s most popular across the world. The page linked above will outline which hashtags and general searches are most frequented at the moment.


This lesser-known tool will show you which subjects are most popular on what platform.

Best Tools For Content Trends