Finding The Needle In The Software Haystack

  • Post published:February 11, 2015

You’ve had a busy day.

It’s barely afternoon; you’re in the middle of a three-hour conference call, three other lines ringing simultaneously, trying and just barely managing to juggle clients and freelancers, and oh yeah, you forgot lunch. But you still need to find time today to hunt down a competent software developer for that project; the deadline is quickly approaching and even now time will be tight. We get it.

One of the most common problems our clients share with us is how difficult it is to find the needle in the software haystack, or in other words, sniff out a reliable, quality software development company when there are thousands online to choose from, all making the same claims and promising the same results.

“50,000 projects completed in 2 years.”
“17 Senior Developers will be dedicated to your project.”
“Hire us and we’ll send you a golden lab puppy!”

Where as that last promise might sell you, the first two come a dime a dozen. When a simple website is the only point of reference you have in your search for the best possible developers to bring new software into the world, committing to just one is a leap of faith at best. For many, it’s a straight-up lack of time that leads to a quick decision (later classified as a mistake) on such an important matter; often, once that commitment is made it can be nearly impossible to pull out unscathed. Your decision will either make or break your project.

As industry professionals, we’ve had our fair share of our own experience in this jungle, as well as a surplus of anecdotes from clients who eventually dig through the mud to find us. It’s no secret that this is an oversaturated market.

So, how do you find the needle in the software haystack?

What you’re looking for is the shining light; the beacon of transparency in an otherwise pitch black jungle of developers scrounging for work. When a company is willing to show you what they can offer straight-up, provide solid sample budgets from the beginning and provide insight on the way they work that makes you feel as though you’re standing right there in the room with them, there’s no room for ambiguity: that company is going to perform. You know, because you’ve seen it first-hand.

Sometimes that beacon takes time to find, but when you do find it you’ll know. All the ringing phones; the stressed out employees; the ridiculous, generic promises; they’ll all fade into the black.

After all, transparent surfaces gleam.