Ensuring Client Satisfaction with Quality Based Development Services

  • Post published:October 21, 2015

vteam #538 was working on an application built in core PHP. The application was a marketplace where manufacturing companies and Architects/Builders/Designers list their products and representatives contacts. Architects and Manufacturers had separate accounts but they could share information with each other via this platform.

The developed application was a mess due to Client’s ex development company as he got no chance of proper discussion. Due to this reason, that development team misunderstood his requirements.

A requirement document was provided by client. In accordance to that, a development plan was sent in which project timeline was described. vteam #538 proposed a solution to build the application from scratch in Laravel 5.1 framework instead of upgrading it.

Development Phase:

Designed PSDs were provided to UI engineer by client as its HTML CSS was required to build the new web based application. At the same time, PHP developer started working on the application architecture and core database was required for it.

Client had no hosting server which was required for Laravel 5.1, vteams NOC engineer helped him in this regard. At first, he setup a development server for him and later also helped him buy hosting for his Production Server.

By that time, UI engineer delivered the HTML CSS and PHP developer had a good running admin panel for client on the Dev Server. PHP developer worked really hard and had daily meetings with the client (two times a day). There was no communication gap in between them which helped vteam #538 finish the required modules and work before time. The deadline estimate was of 90 working days but the project was delivered within 60 working days including 10 working days for testing and debugging.


The client was very happy and decided to move forward for the development of further modules within the new web application with us. Later on, our UI engineer also designed a new layout on the request of client which was according to the latest UI design principles and standards.