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All You Need to Know about Mobile Backend as a Service (MBaaS)

All You Need to Know about Mobile Backend as a Service (MBaaS)

  • Post published:September 23, 2022

You might have heard about Software as a Service (SaaS) and must be intrigued to know more about the “as a Service” landscape. One of those popular services is MBaaS (Mobile Backend as a Service)

An application platform that caters to developers’ needs by providing tools so that the deployment of apps on different devices can become a breeze. 

Since mobile app development has become more challenging and tricky than ever for both developers and users. But, with Mobile Backend as a Service, mobile development services are now easy to cater to. 

What is MBaaS?

All You Need to Know about Mobile Backend as a Service (MBaaS) 1

For backend app development, it is the perfect online service that has one-to-all solutions. For example, Mobile Backend as a Service is an ideal service for data and database management, security, API management, and push notifications. 

Remember that companies with MBaaS provide B2B solutions such as Mobile backends are complex technically and may have load challenges, storage issues, and API integrations. 

What is MBaaS in cloud computing? A cloud computing framework that provides mobile applications with access to various resources such as servers, storage, and databases that they need to run. 

MBaaS Vs. BaaS

It is a service that is used interchangeably with BaaS. Here, we have shared some valid points that you might have known about before. 

  • BaaS is more inclined towards web-based applications instead of being utilized in mobile apps. 
  • BaaS provides greater storage capabilities in order to support large web apps as compared to Mobile Backend as a Service.
  • BaaS is a more traditional form of Software as a service than MBaaS.

Functionalities of Mobile Backend as a Service

The main purpose of this service is to provide backend core features such as cloud storage, cloud computing, and APIs access to the frontend applications.

Besides that, it aids in providing flexibility while performing various operations support for push notification, posting, social network APIs for social login, and user management.

MBaaS makes mobile app development a fun task by enabling developers to connect their happening APIs with front-end clients such as Android and iOS applications. 

Note: To let this happen, It uses SDKs (software development kits) which contain pre-built APIs for better performance.

Though, Mobile Backend as a Service offers features that can vary greatly on the basis of quality and depth. 

Outclass benefits of Mobile Backend as a Service (MBaaS)

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The advantages of Mobile Backend as a Service are as follows:

1. Speeds up time to market

Why MBaaS? Mobile app development has fastened up with Mobile Backend as a Service without building a proper backend solution. Furthermore, it allows you to create UI apps which saves your effort and as a result, the development cost is reduced. 

2. Less hosting cost

With MBaaS, forget about paying heavy hosting or maintenance fees. Yes, you heard it right. With this service, the only thing you have to pay for is our resources. 

3. No server management is needed

Say goodbye to worries of managing backups, scaling, security updates, performance optimization, and server administration in order to run your backend system diligently. Just develop a front-end app and let it handle the rest. 

4. Enhanced productivity

What Mobile Backend as a Service is good at? Of course, it increases developers’ productivity by simply reducing the development time. 

5. Facile scalability

While MBaaS is a robust service that has offered enormous ways to scale up and down the app performance based on demand. Undoubtedly, it means no more time or resource investment is required for infrastructure planning and server resource application. 

6. Better security

With a Mobile backend as a Service, you can encrypt data with peace of mind. It is to note that the encryption is being performed by MBaaS and not by mobile apps. 

7. Third-party services integration

For flexible mobile app development, this service enables developers to integrate with third-party applications incredibly. For example, consolidating apps like Facebook, Slack, or  Twitter is super feasible. 

Mobile Backend as a Service (MBaaS) Platforms

The true MBaaS platforms are as follows: 

  • Firebase

A closed-source platform by Google that assists in producing applications quickly. It covers features like authentication, hosting, real-time database, and analytics. 

  • Backendless

It is one of the top-notch applications of Mobile Backend as a Service which further runs the platform without venture funding for a long time.

Some FAQs

What is a custom backend?

A custom backend is an app backend created from scratch that mainly focuses on the required needs of the product.

What are examples of backend services?

A mobile social network that utilizes BaaS for push notifications, data storage, social integration, and managing a physical server.

What is a serverless backend?

It is a platform that eliminates the requirement for developers to handle complex and time-consuming backend server functions. 

Wrapping Up

MBaaS is, hence, the best service incorporated by programmers for amazing mobile app development. No doubt, it is used to save time and money at the same time.