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Enhanced Media Module of an Order Management System

  • Post published:December 28, 2015

An order management system (OMS) offered by our client provided a media module to its users. The major issue encountered was the legacy system (OMS) as it was developed about a decade earlier and lacked the latest updates.

Required Modifications:

An integral part of the requirements was to optimize the media sourcing process – “Media Sourcing is an area of application that analyzes the current trends of data in system by looking at how much percentage of calls ended as orders, and modifies data in various tables so that reporting can be done against various performance metrics”.

It also needed groundbreaking changes to cater the latest innovations (of this industry), trends and more patterns for generating maximum revenue.


Modifications to the product were accomplished using the latest control set from Telerik’s ASP.NET Controls by vteams engineer Suleman Altaf. The UI of new GUI screens was further tweaked using efficient JavaScript code at client side to optimize the application performance.

VB.NET was utilized as a server side programming language at the core of the application. About a dozen of new GUI screens were developed using ASP.NET platform. The database version used in application was SQL Server 2005 that required an excellent expertise in database development to tackle. Various new stored procedures were developed that provided excellent performance.

The system also required development of various reports to maximize its outlook and media agencies performance. SQL Server Reporting Services were used for report development that included Dashboards for the call centers and media agencies to track the revenues and costs on the operation of campaigns plus weekly/monthly/yearly insights/trends of market.


The outcome was a fully enhanced media module of this Order Management System as it provided excellent performance, stable and less error-prone software that could revolutionize the planning of client’s business to maximize the revenues. Each newer concept was implemented by vteam #450 with a dedicated and more lethal approach for tackling the upcoming challenges and issues.