Developed Gmail Plugin For A Video Marketing Platform

  • Post published:August 4, 2015

vteam #460 was working for a client who had a video marketing platform. It was basically a video analytics engine which allows its clients to monitor statistics about their marketing campaigns. This platform collects statistics about embedded videos when they are viewed and are made available to clients so that they can monitor the progress of their running marketing campaigns.

For this platform, a new level of users called ‘Agents‘ was added. These agents are hired by its clients to carry out marketing activities. The primary task of these agents is to send emails to their contacts containing the videos that their client uploaded to the platform. To make this process fast, it was decided to develop a Gmail plugin called as ‘Client for Gmail‘ for this platform. The idea was that this plugin will provide all platform related functionality right inside the user interface of Gmail, allowing the agents to work more efficiently. Without this, Client for Gmail and Agents would have had to copy the links as well as thumbnail images of videos from the portal and copy it into the body of their emails, which would have been a very tedious process.


To achieve the desired business goals, vteam #460’s engineers decided to create an extension for Google Chrome browser that added specific features to Gmail. In addition, an API was also implemented on the platform to support the functions of Gmail client. The Gmail Client developed provides the following features:

  • Adds a button to Gmail’s window for composing messages. This button launches the user interface for video platform clients
  • Allows the agents to login to this platform by using their credentials specific to this platform which are irrespective of the credentials that are used to log into Gmail. This allows agents to use their regular Gmail accounts for video platform related activities avoiding the need to keep on switching between accounts
  • Displays a list of all videos that the client (that the agent works for) has made available to the client. The agent can search the videos using their names and play the videos to review them
  • Allows agents to insert a video in the email message being composed. The video is inserted exactly at the same line that the agent wants allowing them to compose the message as they like
  • Retrieves and inserts an email signature which the client has defined for the agent on the platform
  • Adds new validation logic to the Gmail compose window which checks that recipient is not missing and prevents emails from being sent if no subject is provided for the email (which is allowed in regular Gmail user interface)
  • Performs other business logic required by this video marketing platform that includes generating and encrypting a unique id for the recipient that this platform uses to identify the recipient (or add the recipient as a new contact). This logic is required to support the video analytics functionality which is at the heart of the business model of this video marketing platform