Customized NetSuite Accounting System for customer specific Item Pricing

  • Post published:October 14, 2015

Client of vteam #167 was using NetSuite accounting system to calculate items pricing based on price levels. Each item pricing was calculated from a quoting tool called Configurator (a web based application which has the ability to generate products of MTP/MPO and conventional Fiber optic cables). These items were pushed into NetSuite through web services. Orders were also built using this application and synchronized in NetSuite as Estimates.


Some of Client’s customers were treated under special group where items pricing for each customer was defined by using a formula based on item vendor selection. While quoting price for these customers, we had to address quote line items by using system default or specific pricing. For generating estimates in NetSuite, it was a challenge to manage line items based on customer specific price calculation settings.


vteam #167 provided the following solution for customer specific item pricing of line items:

  1. Developed a process to differentiate each line item whether its pricing would be determined using system default or customer specific formula and mapped them with estimates repository
  2. Based on customer specific formula, initiated NetSuite web services SOAP request from application to append items in customer’s record with custom pricing:netsuite-items-pricing-1
  3. A process was developed to control generation of items, estimates and customer record changes in a timely manner.
  4. Developed web services SOAP request to map the estimates of line items pricing from customer’s record:netsuite-items-pricing-2


With a combination of web services, Cron jobs and database routines; we developed an effective solution with 100% accuracy.