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Custom Video Uploading For American Digital Media

  • Post published:April 20, 2015

As technology progresses, even traditions such as reading the paper are finding their new homes on the laptops and tablets of people across the world. With this emerging tech trend comes opportunity for the progression of the mediums that are bringing that news to us. Video is a very popular example.

Thus, when a newspaper from Connecticut approached us to complete such a project we weren’t surprised. The paper specialized in local news; games, events and community occurrences. Reporters for the paper were interested in creating high definition video (1080p) using DSLR cameras to supplement their articles. After recording, those reporters would go through the process of uploading the video to both Dropbox and YouTube.

The conundrum these reporters faced was that problem was that each utilized a different operating system, such as Mac or Windows, rendering it incredibly difficult to maintain the uploading utility for these various systems. Each time a reporter used a new computer, they had to take the time to redo a procedure of utility installation based on that operating system.

Understandably, our client wanted a hassle-free solution that would minimize the amount of time their reporters were spending going through this process; he wanted to eliminate the need for each employee to be concerned as to what version of uploading utility they are using.

Our solution was born using HTML5, JQuery, Dropbox and the Youtube API. It rapidly solved our client’s problem by making the uploading utility operating system independent. Each reporter only needed either Firefox or Chrome to upload videos.

Not only were his resources saving time but they were able to allocate more dedication to doing their jobs, making sure that the people of Connecticut understood what was going on in their community.