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Custom Configurator Application aligned with NetSuite CRM

  • Post published:November 4, 2015

Fiber cable industry provides a variety of products in market. Most of them are standard items. Client of vteam #167 was using a portal application which quote customers from its warehouse stock. The need arose to build such a system which is capable of handling both stock and custom items. vteams engineers were required to create a custom configurator application that would create new parts and align them with NetSuite CRM. The end result would be over 155 million custom fiber combinations.


To create custom configurator application, following steps were implemented:

User Interface:

UI was developed according to Fiber cable industry standard components. Using these UI controls, customers would get the facility to create items of their own choice.

Forecasting System:

This system was developed in back-end to prepare custom items with their complete information i.e.:

  • Pricing
  • Delivery Time
  • Shipping Cost
  • Product Code

Item Alias Generation:

This module was developed to control the representation of parts’ numbers for different vendors.

Box UI Grid:

This grid was developed to view the status of items created which would differentiate stock and new items.

Pricing System:

Specialized pricing system was developed to control product cost flow based on price level for each customer.

Quotes Format:

This functionality was added to email customer quotes in HTML/PDF format.

Push Controls:

Web services based push controls were developed to synchronize cart details in NetSuite CRM. It helped our client to generate complex financial transactions through just one click.

JSON Response Handling:

XAJAX framework was used to handle JSON response for manipulating content in UI controls.


vteam #167 provided an effective solution in terms of meeting client’s requirements. Other than this, custom configurator application minimized manual workload of users associated with NetSuite Financial System.