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Connecting Teams From Across The World With One Sophisticated Platform

  • Post published:April 2, 2015

Behold the story of a two-year long project; three developers. One social enterprise web application. One framework. Infinite potential.

Or at least according to our client.

The platform in question was to provide a suite of particularly innovative, sophisticated and interactive business/communications tools, used by organizations, teams and individuals across the world. They’d be able to communicate with one another with ease, virtually. It was also created with the ability to be branded to any company or individual, ensuring the utmost of marketability from the get-go.

Long project. Longer reach.

The client had a marketing mind; he knew the platform needed enhanced features, the ability to have additional features added, and easy optimization. It would also allow third-party applications to auto-login, minimizing the barrier to engage with his product. When we got ahold of the application, it was already partially developed; our first move was to complete these so that we had a jump on the rest of the platform. We then tackled social networking, internet file storage, mobile message posting and the third-party app integration we referenced above. Truly, this platform would encompass all that was available.

Two years later, our platform was entirely complete. A barrage of new customer sign-ups were a testament to its success, and we had established yet another platform connecting teams from across the world.