Building Marketplace For Pet Lovers

  • Post published:July 13, 2015

vteam #496 is working on developing a central marketplace for pet lovers. This central hub should be able to cater all pet related products & services including stores, manufacturers, distributors, veterinarians, breeders, groomers, pet trainers, pet boarders, shelters & adoption centers.

Our Client was not clear about the detailed level requirements because he only had a global level target perspective. Team itself researched and extracted specific requirements and finalized the scope of a pets product marketplace.

Phase I:

In the first phase, team started with a solution based on WordPress platform. Because of all the time scaling features & requirements, need of performance, intensive advance search and handling of complex data, it was then decided to transform the solution to a standardized framework Laravel v 5.0 in phase 2.


It was a challenging task to migrate the pets marketplace from WordPress to Laravel5. For this, team made a flexible database design so that all requirements could be catered and mapped from WordPress to Laravel5 based application.

Implementation In Phase II:

vteam #496 implemented the following steps to migrate the marketplace from WordPress to LAravel5:

  • Developed one standard format for products while handling different forms of data from different manufacturers.
  • Implemented responsive layout & design to make it flexible to work on different devices & resolutions i.e. android and iPhone devices.
  • Utilized MVC design patterns & Object relational mapping (Eloquent ORM) to handle code & database efficiently.
  • Designed flexible database design to handle different nature of data while utilizing hierarchical data structures for managing categories.
  • Automated all the data entry processes to upload data quickly in bulk form.
  • Google Maps & its API’s were used to build radius based searches and verification of physical addresses.


As a result of this implementation, we achieved an application, a complete marketplace where Pet lovers can search & buy locally from particular stores, groomers, veterinarians within 15 miles radius. These stores, groomers etc carries the product in specific areas. Manufacturers can supply the products to stores directly and through distributors as well. The application can also facilitate user by providing services of bookings, reservation, appointments for particular pet requirements. Website also hosts public events related to pets.