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Building An Apple Push Notification Service

  • Post published:April 17, 2015

Most smartphone users are familiar with the push notification service; sometimes painfully persistent, occasionally irritating but most frequently a valuable function that alerts us when an update has occurred that we need to know about.

When we were asked to build an Apple push notification service on a server, it was a new type of project for us; this doesn’t happen often. Our client’s requests were basic, involving an iOS “.pem” certificate and the implementation of a web service utilizing that certificate. Sometimes, though, things aren’t as basic as they seem.

After our iOS developer generated and provided the “.pem” certificate, he received a bright red flag in an “SSL operation failed with code 1” alert. We got down to research, digging out more details on the error. After 15 hours worth of effort we were able to hone in on the problem: a faulty certificate; we needed to combine both “OPENSSL“ and “Private Key” to create the cert. that we needed.

After the “.pem” cert. was generated, our code worked like a charm and a push notification was successfully sent to the registered device.