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Better Timing (and sales) Through Notification Modules.

  • Post published:October 15, 2014

vteam-notifications moduleReal time updates means fewer lost sales!

When a prospective international student makes inquiries with Living Arts College, the on-line college’s sales staff has, on average, three hours to follow up with the candidates or lose them. Living Arts College’s sales staff had lost quite a few candidates  by failing to check the incoming emails in a timely fashion, thus losing those precious three hours in some cases. Sales staff needed to know right away when a new candidate inquired with the school.

The school uses SmartSIS, an inquiry management system designed for Living Arts College. It was developed using C#, ASP.NET MVC4, SQL SErver 2008, Windows Services, REST Services, Entity Framework and Telerik Controls.

  • vteam #334 first developed the Calendar Module for for SmartSIS.
  • Then they designed the Notification Module for SmartSIS using ASP.NET SignalR Library. The module notifies all of the logged in staff with a dialog on their screen.
  • They also integrated the module so that whenever an agent enters candidate information at the portal, notifications will be sent to all the logged-in staff, where they can see the candidate information in real-time to speed up the process of contacting them.

Since implementing the module, sales have improved, as they make contact with contacts far more efficiently than previously. Here’s what the screen looks like: