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Bazaarvoice Ratings & Reviews Integration

  • Post published:February 15, 2016

A Pet Industry centric platform offer its consumers an option to interact with social media and search pet products, stores, vets, boarding “hotels”, groomers, trainers, and non-profits all from one site. This platform required a solution to increase brand trust of products and customer loyalty.


For this reason, client wanted Ratings & Reviews from his users at Product Detail page & Services Profile along with website traffic statistics (like Google Analytics). Ratings and Reviews is a must have for today’s retailers as it helps drive traffic to website, increase conversion rates and provide an inside look at user’s actual experience with the product.


vteam #496 was working on this project. To achieve Ratings and Reviews and ROI Beacon functionalities, the access of Bazaarvoice client portal was taken firstly. All the products and services as a product feed were then exported in a file having XML format. This XML file was then uploaded at Bazaarvoice SFTP server. Right after that Bazaarvoice pull XML file from SFTP, validate it, run syndication process, and then acknowledge it as a success/failure import in Bazaarvoice system.

Ratings & reviews feature was implemented using JavaScript based codes from Bazaarvoice. It also utilized container pages as well as defined logics that made the whole process work in an asynchronous way.

If any user would like to write any review, they would just click on Review button. A Bazaarvoice user-generated popup would appear, customer have to fill the mandatory information and post the review. For two way authenticity, an email would be sent as well.


People love to talk about what they buy and when they do so, other people are also attracted to buy. As a result, ratings and reviews captured those conversations on client’s portal. Hence ratings and reviews proved to increase sales, decrease product returns, and also build trust in brand, products and services. Further on, it can also be used for Search Engine Optimization purpose.