Automation of E-Commerce Bulk Contents

  • Post published:October 16, 2015

bulk-contents-automation-2A vertical solution based e-commerce system of our Client had products of different vendors which required their detailed contents entry. It would take months to update the products’ detailed contents manually as they were in thousands like round about 10K products.


vteam #521’s developer Naeem Mushtaq did R&D and found Data Scraping API to scrap data from different vendors websites. He followed the criteria of the detailed contents for their products. Accordingly, a list of APIs was established which at first fetched all the products from vendor’s website and then passed the set of information to another API. As a result, got the detailed contents like Title, Description, etc. In next step, he exported all the grabbed content in a JSON file.

Naeem then repeated the same process for all the vendors present in Client’s system and exported their data in JSON file for each vendor. After that, he prepared a script for reading JSON files, compared the products in Client’s system with JSON contents and updated the contents for all the products in line with it.


In this way, vteam #521 saved Client’s valuable time by applying a wonderful automation technique. The manual work of 2-3 months was completed within 1-2 weeks. vteams engineer performed well by automating the process using optimal technique even in the case of a manual activity.