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Can AI Create Ads? Read this First!

  • Post published:September 10, 2021

“This is series 1 of AI advertising. Stay tuned for the second series where we will talk about how AI is used for advertisement purposes. ”

Do ads use AI? Are marketers using AI for advertising? Is AI changing social ads? This complete series will cover how artificial intelligence is not limited to creating visuals only.

We are going to examine the future of artificial intelligence in advertisements. Before we begin our talk about AI in advertising, we would like to mention a few companies that can help you advertise your content using Artificial Intelligence.

AI advertising creates instant and top-quality face swaps from dropshipping photos for you to get a unique look for your brand. If you are having trouble arranging a photoshoot due to limited resources, you can ask the company to arrange customizable model faces for you at a reasonable cost. You can change faces, hair color, age, expressions, and more with their AI media tool in just one click. That WOW factor!

wow factor ai advertising

DataGrid has prepared an advanced AI for automatic whole-body model generation. The above video shows how effortlessly this AI is creating top-quality and high-resolution (1024 x 1024) photorealist models of entire people. This is AI for advertising!

whole body model NEON

Thirdly, let’s tell you about Samsung NEON!

Samsung had first disclosed its realistic artificial humans named NEON earlier in the year 2020. Ever since, the mobile company also hinted that they might launch NEON on smartphones for us before long.

You can call NEON virtual avatars. They can be customized as per the clients’ requirements and be used as support representatives, financial consultants, doorkeepers, healthcare workers, or just act like your friends.

Samsung NEON

Would you like to maintain contact with these avatars? These can be used for AI in advertising!

A Gentle Introduction to Generative Adversarial Networks (GANs)

Generative Adversarial Networks (GANs) is mainly used for high-fidelity natural image synthesis. Its implementations also contain data augmentation, raising image compressions, creating robots with super-realistic expressions, exploring deep fake, and far more.

AI for advertising started ever since GANs came into being. The latest GAN architectures can produce photos for you that look just like real ones.

Would you arrange pricey photo shoots or video shoots if you could use an image or video generated automatically by an AI model? Of course, you would opt for the AI! At least we would.

ai in advertising

Take a good look at this Gif. Is Nikhil any different from the Nikhil displayed on the right side? This is achieved using deep fake tech.

These deep fake gifs portray how powerful today’s technology is.

deep fake
deep fake AI

Even Mona Lisa was brought back to life using deep fake AI! A video displayed her in the portrait moving her head, eyes, and mouth.

Mona Lisa depp fake AI

Actually, the AI diagrammed facial features and movements onto a photo to revive her. This is total madness!

AI for Advertising

Whenever the term AI is raised in a conversation, people first discuss its disadvantages. Can’t we for once stop debating on how robots would one day seize everything? We are not asking you to forget about it but, it won’t be painful to think about its wonderful implementations first.

So, AI for advertising?

The Chinese and AI in Advertising

ibaogao surveyed the China marketing agency and found that 60% of marketers have implemented AI in advertising. It also gained knowledge about AI being used for ‘strategy development and ‘remarketing’ by those marketers.

These three phases of AI for advertising were uncovered by them:

  1. The ad creation stage: topic matching, bulk production, screening trial, material integration, adaption
  2. The ad serving stage: accurate communication, ROI, improved scene identification, user identification & authentication, user understanding, advertiser identification
  3. The ad detection stage: testing advertising effects, popular opinion detection, public mind understanding, malicious traffic detection

Those marketers implemented the AI for content management, traffic management, and data management, correspondingly.

So, how is AI used in marketing?

Stay tuned until we finally reveal how AI is actually used for advertisement purposes. We will cover how machines can do it better than humans. As well as guide you on how to create and manage Facebook ads that really convert!

Wrapping Up our Episode 1

In this age of media, only high-concepts get acknowledged! Advertising agencies have to construct heaps of variations of online ads for Instagram, Facebook, etc. It’s a long period of hard work or effort! Marketing professionals brace themselves because AI in advertising is going to make their lives much easier.

The uses of AI for advertising are booming! You should realize its potential before it gets too late. You know AI can’t stop, it won’t stop. You must learn to adapt it for your good.