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A Little WordPress Plugin Causes Problems For Us To Solve.

  • Post published:October 9, 2014

Wordpress-training-session_imageqTranslate wouldn’t initialize!

Posting multilingual content to a corporate WordPress blog is supposed to be made easy with its qTranslate plugin. Our client––who has us maintaining and developing several projects simultaneously––reported the WYSIWYG editor in WordPress 3.9.1 was broken and they were unable to post multilingual content to the corporate blog of a big company. Switching between the visual and text tabs in the editor was impossible.

Initial research didn’t show much in the way of issues with WordPress and multilingual content, until our developer found the client had updated WordPress to the newest version, 3.9.1. The qTranslate plugin however, was not updated and thusly not compatible with the newer version of WordPress. Sometimes, one can simply deactivate a plugin to restore functionality, but in this case it’s not possible because of the need to post in several languages. Searching Google yielded few results, although this did pop up:qtranslate 1Since the plugin’s author hadn’t updated qTranslate to the newest version of WordPress, 3.9.1, our developer decided to fix the problem himself once he saw where the problem lay: an issue with tinyMCE’s initialization. A small change in the code fixed the problem, as is highlighted in these two graphics:

qtranslate 2As you can see, the only real change is in the way the plugin is initialized:

qtranslate 3