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5 Steps Our Project Managers Take To Ensure Success

  • Post published:April 3, 2015
Occasionally, projects get complicated.
When one such project centered on the automation of legal processes put us in a tough spot, it was vital that our Project Managers step in to re-organize the project and re-align goals. Not only were we dealing with the wrong technology, but we weren’t provided the authorization to handle these tasks as easily as if we’d been given full charge. Lastly, and as is often the case, decision-making had come to a stand-still.
Let’s talk about the barriers we faced in detail.

1. Requirements
Or more aptly put, what requirements?

2. Little authorization, little decisiveness

3. Sudden shift in technologies used
Our developers worked on a certain framework for months, only to have the framework changed.

Stepping in when it’s necessary

A unique aspect of our company is that Project Managers are part of every initiative we tackle. This was no exception for this particular project; here are just five of the ways they ensure continued project success:

I. Taking the time to study a project, its company, background, competitors and needs

II. Creating a solid plan (and sticking to it.) Decisiveness should never be an issue.

III. Establishing deliverables (and sticking to them.) See a pattern here?

VI. Carrying out daily meetings: sometimes, developers have tasks or obstacles they don’t even consider until they’re asked about them. Consistent communication with both the developer and the client is the only sure way to maintain organization.

V. Requiring daily updates: people are people and we all need a little push, and a little incentive.

Once our Project Managers got their hands on this system, tasks were rapidly streamlined. We moved ahead with a smooth schedule, apt development and (eventually) a happy client who simply needed an organized partner on his side from the start.