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4 Shocking Facts About Offshore Programming Companies

  • Post published:February 18, 2015

As with all aspects of life, reputations run the world.

Sometimes they’re warranted, sometimes they’re way off but they are always in a state of flux. Such is the case for the modern offshore programming company.

The offshore programming companies of decades past is an entirely different beast from their contemporary counterparts: emerging technology that enhances the ability to communicate, to manage projects and to design have endowed the industry with a veritable face lift.

Despite this rejuvenation, two facts remain: an old dog doesn’t learn new tricks, and Sally’s still going to hate Veronica for that thing she did 10 years ago that ruined her whole week.

4 Shocking Facts About Offshore Programming Companies 1

Here are four facts, though, that might reposition your views on the matter at hand.

  1. The developers you employ may actually be the hardest-working in the industry.

    It’s often those that have a stigma to disprove who are willing to go the extra mile; in a sea of mediocre developers, companies like ours stand a mile apart based on our work quality and client resources alone.

  2. The time difference is often a boon, not a problem.

    Imagine you had a remote team that worked every day, both day and night, to complete the projects your business is riding on; with an offshore company, you have just that. Overwhelmingly, two near-opposite time zones allow for 24/7 productivity.

    4 Shocking Facts About Offshore Programming Companies 2

  3. High turnover isn’t as common as we’re led to believe.

    An offshore company is still a company, and as in any company, the way you treat your employees is of utmost importance. Our own overseas headquarters is almost renowned for its benefits and resources, and it follows that our turnover rate is almost non-existent. The ideals, integrity and perks a company provides are what dictate employee turnover rate, no matter the location these employees are working.

  4. You can avoid hidden costs, if you go with the right firm.

    The universal Achilles heel of any online service: the hidden cost. Too many “surprises” can break a business for good, and the immense number of these fees in even brick-and-mortar based industries, like architecture and construction, and have rendered them a much discussed blemish.

    Just as you wouldn’t contract a firm to build your new fence famous for racking on the debt, you’d do the research necessary to ensure the fees you pay for developing remain low from the start.

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