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3 Hard Lessons We’ve Learned In This Business

  • Post published:March 3, 2015

We’re often asked how we’ve lasted this long.

Twenty years in business is no small feat; twenty years in the software development business is a near-miracle.

Though we could claim that the secret lies in what we’ve done right (partially true) the secret more can be more aptly found in what we’ve done wrong; the hard lessons we’ve learned along the way. Here are our favorites.

1. When consulting with a new customer, always speak the truth. No matter how tempting it is to up-sell.

We learned relatively early-on not to mold any offer, estimate or budget simply to get the business; the results have been interesting. Though we’ll typically lose business at the start due to this habit, the clients who do choose to sign on with us, stay with us for the long haul.

We might offer a time frame, be told that it’s too long and that a client is headed elsewhere they’ve been offered a shorter estimate, only to see that same client come back once the estimate they were given by competitors falls flat. We’re honest, and it has served us well.

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2. Invest in the right people.

The very core of our business is to have the best engineers possible. That being said, we spend a lot of time and money on them, making large investments in training, education, morale-builders and cultivating an overall culture that we’re very proud of. Given this, our turnover rate is next to zero and we can approach any client with the man power, competency and tools necessary to do the best job possible.

3. Adapt to industry trends.

When we started this business, the internet hadn’t even gone public.

Throughout the years, we’ve anticipated the direction tech was taking prior to specific industries even making news. It’s how we’ve maintained the relevancy of our knowledge, tools and trade.

Companies will go on until they’re blue in the face with success-backed rhetoric, industry expertise talking points and sales; we’d rather you understood what has made us the strong company we’ve become than put on the guise that we’ve never had to learn in order to grow.