Claims Adjustment

You know, I really honestly can’t think of anyway to make our experience any better. It’s very easy and straightforward. And I can’t see any reason as to why we wouldn’t keep going forward with them.

“We had a new division of our company that was just getting up and running. For the front-end of the project we’d used an acquaintance that was doing it on his free time, so it took a little while to complete. After that, we knew we’d need to get the back-end done much faster. So, back in November I went online and entered in the only term I knew, PHP Programmer. It pulled up a lot of sites for me to choose from. I picked the top, most relevant sites, and sent out three emails to the most intriguing companies. vteams was the first to reply. It was a very professional response and it meant a lot to me because I never did end up hearing from anyone else. I am not the one who has most of the interaction with the programmer, it’s my partner Mark who does, but I think for the most part we’re looking at an 8 out of 10 for quality. There are a few glitches, which are of course the nature of the beast. There’s the time issue. But my partner and I have begun to work together on this new division during the night. Another issue is that there is a little communication trouble with the language, but not enough to create a problem. It’s only a problem sometimes when my partner is saying we need this, this, this and this and possibly something is missed and there might be a lack of understanding, but not big. There was also some interruption in the work schedule when the prime minister in Pakistan was killed and we were a bit confused on that. But, usually first thing when we get in, we get a progress report from the programmer. Either way the positives far, far outweigh the glitches. You know, when we tell someone we’ve got an outsourced person in Pakistan, there’s a stigma about leaving the country. It’s totally new to them. They’re used to calling for a credit card and reaching another country, but programming in another country is totally new. And, frankly it’s not a huge selling point right now. But, I really don’t care. Here’s what I have to say: the rates are very – extremely — reasonable and they have a pretty damn good expertise. Anyone in business is being unrealistic when they say they’d pay more just to keep the job in the US. From our experience, the programmer expertise is much higher in Pakistan. Our programmer is there everyday. And quite frankly I don’t think Americans are always like that. I mean, just weigh the differences. It’s the stigma we deal with. Not so much with China, China, Canada or England say, but more so in the Middle East. All anyone’s got to do is ask people like us because we’ll pare it down. The rates are better and the work ethic superior. That’s what you get. The hard-core programmers using you are starting to use it too. People can bash as they will, but in my opinion it’s not and equal option to programmers in the US, it’s better.”

— Linda Bluel, Claim Adjustment Technologies.